Wednesday January 2 2018

Wednesday January 2 2018

Our Schedule is back to normal! I hope you all had a wonderful Chirstmas and New Year, but if you are like me you are (almost) ready to get back into a routine.  For most of us this includes a regular workout schedule and eating something other than chocolate at each meal.  We have some exciting things happening around CFPC in 2019, including hosting the Festivus Games along with the 2019 Summer Games.  I will also be hosting a Goal setting and nutrition Seminar on January 12th.  More details on those events in this weeks blog.

I have some T shirt and hoodies samples for you to check out and will be doing an order towards the middle of the month.  Be sure to check them out, order forms will be out next week.

A. 15 min

10 Cal row

20 Wall slides

10 Cal assault bike

3-5 Rig swings

3-5 Seated Banded transitions

B. Ring Muscle ups AMRAP unbroken x 3 sets. 2 min rest between efforts

C. HSPU- AMRAP unbroken x 3 sets. 2 min rest between efforts

D. “Grace”

30 Clean and Jerk for time 95/135

E. 10 min Recovery row or bike

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