Monday January 7 2019

Monday January 7 2019

Welcome back to routine everyone! It seems the two weeks around Christmas are a bit chaotic and our routines go out the window. For many of you this week will be a fresh start and a great way to start off 2019! We are starting a new cycle this week- STAMINA.  Stamina and mental toughness work hand in hand- we must strengthen our minds to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  We must chose to keep going when we want to stop and continuously move the needle towards our true potential.

A very warm welcome to Meghan Dobie as an official member to CFPC! Meghan and Bryan are getting serious and she seems to be putting up with him! Pumped to have you around Meg!!


We have some things happening in January

January 12th- Nutrition and goal setting seminar @ 12pm $20. Sign up at CFPC

January 15th- CrossFit “Lite” Begins

January 25th – Intramurals 6pm

A. 10 min coach’s choice
B. 10 min EMOM
1- 1 Front Squat
2- 3 Back Squats
* Use 70% of Front squat for both lifts
C. 30-20-10
Thrusters 55/75
KBS 35/50
D. 10 Hollow rocks EMOMx 5 min


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