The 2019 Open

The 2019 Open

If you haven’t already signed up for The CrossFit Open, GO DO IT NOW! The website is and click “register”! Absolutely EVERYONE can participate in The Open so no excuses!

2019 Teams

We are dividing everyone into two teams this year. There will be the “Tillack’s Troops” vs “Don’s Dominions”. Once everyone has finished signing up we will divide everyone into the two teams. Scores for each week will be tallied from your teams Open scores as well as the weekly challenges. The Weekly Challenge winners will hold the “trident” for the week.

Weekly Challenges

  • Week 1 – Feb. 22 – Come up with a “slogan” or “mantra” that will “motivate the sh*t outta your team” – yes, that’s exactly how Coach Burns put it.
  • Week 2 – Mar. 1 – Playlist Challenge. Each team will have to come up with the best playlist – points will be deducted from any repeat songs from last year. –> We are toying with going out for dinner after this weeks Open – is anyone interested? Preferences on where we go?
  • Week 3 – Mar. 8 – Costume Theme – Points will be awarded to each member of your team that dresses up, and points will be deducted for those that don’t. (Don’t be the Debbie Downer of your team!!)
  • Week 4 – Mar. 15 – St. Patrick’s Day!! – I expect to see everyone in varying shades of green… points will be awarded for each green item you are wearing.
  • Week 5 – Mar. 22 – Potluck! Points will be awarded for the “coolest item”. (Notice I didn’t put the “tastiest” – just the coolest.) –> Yes, there will be beer. If you prefer wine or pop or some other beverage, please feel free to bring it!

Heat Sign Up Sheet

There is a Heat Sign Up Sheet above the fountain for anyone wishing for a particular time; as well as those willing to judge. If you don’t care about a particular time, please still put your name up so we know! We don’t want to assume because you know what they say about people who assume….


We would love to have an array of pictures from this years open! Please don’t hesitate to pull out your camera and snap a few shots. You can either share them on Facebook or send them personally to one of the coaches – but we want pictures!

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

– Neale Donald Walsch, American Author

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