To Our Valued Members

To Our Valued Members

Why we dropped our CrossFit Affiliation…

As some of you may have noticed, we changed our name from CrossFit Pincher Creek to Consistent Fitness Pincher Creek. Dropping our Crossfit Affiliation has been on my mind for a while now but this decision happened a little quicker than I expected.

We have had the affiliation with CrossFit for seven years now. I love CrossFit and all that it has done for my business as well as me personally. I love and live the CrossFit lifestyle – not just the workouts, but the community, the nutrition, and the way of life; but what CrossFit does for us as an affiliate is pale in comparison to what our community has become because of our members.

I don’t want to go into details as to what goes into being an affiliate, but I will say that for us it just doesn’t seem logical to continue carrying the name “CrossFit” in our small town. While I will always love CrossFit, the political side of it is something I choose not to be involved in at this time.

So What Changes?

Simply put – the name. We wanted to keep the CFPC, and since Consistency is my favorite word when it comes to success in any area of our lives, it just made sense to change our name to Consistent Fitness Pincher Creek (CFPC).

Our Programming and Customer Service will remain the same. Our pursuit to strive towards offering our members the very best product will continue to move forward.

We do have a new website up and running, its You should be getting an email shortly asking you to Confirm your new subscription to the new website as any future blogs will be coming from there.

What’s Next

You can look forward to some exciting things in September as we are working on a few fun things this summer to add to our gym to make it even better!

Please, if you have any questions or concerns on this do not hesitate to contact me! I am always happy to answer questions and listen to suggestions.


“Success is simply the act of following through.”

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