Forget Average

Forget Average

At CFPC we believe everyone is an athlete in the sport of life.  Our classes resemble an adult recess; one that allows you to play and learn new skills while surrounded by friends.  Our coaches, along with our amazing members, provide a positive training environment that allows you to surpass what you feel is impossible now.  We believe everyone should be exposed to the best coaching available! Our coaches come from diverse backgrounds including World level Raw-Powerlifting, Athletic Therapy, and Yoga.  Many of our coaches carry multiple CrossFit and Nutrition certifications.

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Our Programs

We believe that everyone has different passions and that is why we offer multiple programs on top of our mainstream CrossFit Class. At CFPC we offer a Barbell Club for those interested in the basics or advanced technique on Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Strongman aspects.  Our “Lite” program is CrossFit styled, but caters to new athletes not quite ready to join the regular class. Personal Programming is available for those needing help with injuries, limitations, or just wanting to practice more for a specific result. We also have Nutrition programming that can be paired with CrossFit or taken on it’s own.

Kids programs are available so all ages can participate!

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Our Team

“Whether you’re a powerlifter, a fighter, a football player, you need to get faster, be stronger and be able to go longer than your opponent. That’s why pushing yourself hard outside of your competition sport is so important, because in the end it’s fatigue that makes cowards of us all.”

– Manning Sumner

What is CrossFit?