Foundations Package

  • 3-4 One-on-One personal training sessions to cover the fundamental movements used in CrossFit
  • 1 Nutrition Coaching Session (30 Minutes)
  • Remainder of the month classes
  • FREE Skipping Rope
  • FREE Journal

-- Package can be Personalized based on Individual Needs --

$200 +GST - Add to Cart

Personalized Program

  • Personalized Programming based on your goals, ability, and schedule.
  • Includes access to open gym times and technique guidance from your coach.
  • Open to those who have completed fundamentals or with coach permission.

$150 +GST - Add to Cart

  • P.S. We also offer Personalized Programming + CrossFit Classes

$180 +GST - Add to Cart

Teens Strength & Conditioning

Next Program starts September 11th 2018!

Our 8 week program is geared towards Teens/Pre-teens looking to improve Strength & Conditioning as well as develop athletic skills that transfer to sport and a healthy lifestyle.

Session runs Tuesday's & Thursday's from 4:30pm - 5:30pm

September 11th - October 20, 2018

$120 +GST / 8 week program - Add to Cart

CrossFit Kids

Next Program starts September 28th, 2018!

CrossFit Kids is a program for kids to run, jump, climb, and crawl all while learning basic movement skills that allow for a start to an active lifestyle.  Crossfit Kids is designed to be minimalist; it is inexpensive, and often requires little or no equipment, allowing a wide array of socioeconomic groups an opportunity to be physically fit and physically active throughout their lives.

8 Week Program - September 28th - November 16th, 2018.

Kids Ages 5-7

$80 +GST/8 week program - Add to Cart